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A complaint free world??

"If you don’t like something, change it, if you can’t change it, change your attitude - don’t complain" ~ Dr. Maya Angelou.

A Complaint Free World….is it possible?

I added the picture above because I think it represents a fun day at the park with my family and how we should want majority of our days to be.

I’ve decided to try this out and see if I cam make a change in my own little space. I can remember when I was younger, college and shortly after, how easy going everything seemed and things always seemed to work out. I think I was in a pretty good mood most of the time. Now that I am grown up with more responsibility of a “real” life days seem to be more filled with stress and non-fun stuff which is draining and a waste of time.

Who wants to spend their days being cranky and in a bad mood, not me!! I want to enjoy everything so I am going to try to make that happen with this little purple bracelet given to me by one of my boot campers.

It’s a simple idea but I believe it can have big results. You wear a rubber purple bracelet (just like any other bracelet you see out there for different causes) that says, ‘A Complaint Free' on it.

If you complain, get angry at someone, say something nasty… you have to move the bracelet to the other arm. If you keep complaining during your day you have to keep moving the bracelet arm to arm. Obviously moving a bracelet isn’t going to curb your complaining but it will make you realize just how many times you had to change arms that day and just how much of your day is filled with negative words and outbursts.

I’ve already felt the effects on how conscience I will be of my negative thoughts. Just getting the grocery shopping done this morning could have at least brought on 3 or 4 things that would normally irritate me. Instead I thought about how that would normally tick me off but why should it?? So, I didn’t let little things change my good state of mind. I had a great run with my boot camp this morning, it’s an amazing sunny day in Chicago and I should be in a good mood and hope to stay this way all day.

The goal is to hit 21 days of not complaining. Yep, 21!! But, I’m not complaining ;)

If you end up saying something that makes you switch your bracelet to the other arm you have to start ALL OEVR again. If you were 5 days in and you slip, BOOM, back to day 1.

I don’t expect this experiment to make me in to a mushy push over, everyone has the right to speak their mind and have feelings, and I am looking to be able to redirect how I relay those feelings and thoughts to other people. More constructive instead of deconstructive. If you know me and my mouth…I could use this.

So, here we go. Wish me luck! I’ve had it on for 5 hours and 8 minutes and it’s on the same arm, so far, so good.

Interested in trying this yourself? Check it out. Here is a video on the website of Dr. Maya Angelou receiving the 6 millionth bracelet and her stories about learning not to complain.

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